​State priority training courses

With more than 600 training courses identified as State priority training courses, eligible students have a very wide choice.

These courses include:

  • all apprenticeships and many traineeships*;
  • over 150 priority industry qualifications; and
  • two priority foundation skills courses.

Future Skills WA will guarantee eligible students a State Government subsidised training place in these courses in Western Australia.

Training in these areas will help students become skilled workers, ready to meet the job market and the employers who need them.

State priority training courses and training providers, are listed on the provider list.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

There are more than 500 State priority listed apprenticeships and traineeships to choose from in a broad range of industries.

For information on apprenticeships and traineeships, visit the Commonwealth Government funded Australian Apprenticeship Support Network website.


Download the list of apprenticeships that the Government subsidises or visit the provider list.


Download the list of eligible traineeships* that the Government subsidises or visit the provider list.

Existing worker traineeships
The Government also subsidises eligible existing workers to undertake traineeships in higher level (ie Certificate IV and above) priority courses.

An existing worker is defined as a person employed with the same employer continuously for more than three months full time or 12 months casual or part time or a combination of both, immediately prior to the commencement date of the training contract. Please note that the term of employment includes any periods of approved leave.

Changes to existing worker traineeships for 2016
From 1 January 2016, existing worker traineeships will be charged at the same rate as Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses ($5.73 per nominal hour in 2016).

A one year fee maintenance scheme has been introduced for existing worker trainees in 2016.

A person is eligible for the fee maintenance scheme if their training contract was received by the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Apprenticeship Office by 30 September 2015.

Under the fee maintenance scheme, existing worker trainees will be charged the course fee rate that applies to traineeships in 2016 ($3.21 per nominal hour in 2016).

Download the list of existing worker traineeships subsidised by the State Government.

Further information on changes to the existing worker traineeship program for 2016 can be found in the Existing worker traineeship program 2016 fact sheet.

Priority industry qualifications

Priority industry qualifications equip students to take up jobs in skilled occupations that are in high demand across Western Australia.

See the Priority industry qualifications list for a list of the courses available in 2017.

Priority industry qualifications change each year as the Western Australian economy changes. Qualifications that no longer align to the highest priority jobs in the State are called transitional qualifications. These transitional qualifications will remain on the Priority industry qualifications list for at least one additional year and are highlighted in the list. Importantly, transitional qualifications may be reclassified as general industry training in 2017 and attract a higher fee.

More information on how the Priority industry qualifications list is developed is provided here.

Priority foundation skills courses

Under Future Skills WA, students have access to two priority foundation skills courses – the Course in Applied Vocational Study Skills (CAVSS) and the Course in Underpinning Skills for Industry Qualifications (USIQ).

These two priority foundation skills courses are always co-delivered with an industry qualification and are fee free. Students who are already enrolled with an approved training provider in a Certificate II, III or IV industry qualification, will be able to receive support and access these courses if the training provider makes a judgement that this will increase their chances of successfully finishing their training.

These courses aim to build a student’s literacy, numeracy and employability skills to increase their chance of finishing their industry qualification.

More information is provided in the Priority foundation skills fact sheet.

*Excludes existing worker traineeships